Dish Rack

Spin Drain Way Dish Rack

  • NAME : Spin Drain Way Dish Rack
  • COMPONENT : Basket 1ea, Inner rack 1ea, etc.
  • METERIAL : ABS, stainless steel
  • SIZE : 44.5 x 32.5 x 17.5 cm
  • COLOR : white/gray/red/green


360 degrees Spinning drain way

Drain way that rotates 360 degrees which allows water to be drained no matter where the rack is placed as long as it is next to the sink.


2 tier partition spoon holder

Spoon holder which can be placed in any of the 4 corners of the basket. The 2 tier partition allows for spoon storage depending on usage.


Stainless dish holder

The inner rack inside the basket is made from stainless steel and contains a dish holder that allows dishes to be stored and dried conveniently.

Spin Drain Way Dish Rack