iLock airtight container

  • NAME : iLock airtight container
  • 용량 : 0.27/0.32/0.72 ; 0.4/0.45/0.65/1/1.75/2/2.9/3.4 L ;(Kimchi barrel) 9/12 L
  • METERIAL : stainless steel;STS-304, PP, silicone


Stainless steel containers Stainless steel(STS-304)

Stainless steel containers can be washed with hot water. Very little discoloration or odor can be seen in long-term use Also, it is convenient to store cooked food right away. It is 0.5T (round type 0.4T, Kimchi barrel 0.6T) thick, and has excellent durability. It can be refrigerated due to low deformation during use.


the lid of a container BPA FREE

Water and air seal performance to maintain freshness is excellent. The lid is a transparent material that makes it easy to see its contents.