Sink Rack/Dish Rack

CASERO Slim Sink Rack

  • NAME : CASERO Slim Sink Rack
  • COMPONENT : 2 Basket, 3 plates for drain, 2 plates, 2 supports, etc.
  • METERIAL : stainless steel, etc(ABS, silicone)
  • SIZE : (W)52~90 x (D)25 x (H)43 cm


The practical use of space

Use by placing on empty space over the sink. Storage is only the most basic function! The space where the dish rack used to be returns to its original purpose as cooking space. Also applicable to sinks of various shapes and sizes due to design that allows for width adjustment and height adjustment that took into consideration projected portions in the back of the sink.

The spacing between each tier can be adjusted through the height position of the horizontal frame (round pipe). The basket and plate should be hung on the frame and their positions can be adjusted depending on the width set by the user.

The sink rack can be installed snugly to the wall by using the support fixture height adjustment components made in consideration for projections at the back of the sink.



The basket and plate can be placed or removed easily from the frame according to need, and the basket comes with a water trap on the bottom, which allows the basket to be used as a separate dish rack.

The basket is good for storing tableware such as plates because of its tight steel wire placements, and connected junctions, which are prone to contamination, were only placed on the side to minimize the accumulation of contaminative substances. The plate is suitable for storing easily breakable glass cups or containers with round bottoms.